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“Rules on the Run” are principles of trail running etiquette that foster environmentally-sound and sociallyresponsible trail running.

Trail running, while different from its road cousin, doesn't require a complete overhaul of your running gear, but it does demand a different running style. Most of what worked for you on the roads will work on the trails. Trail shoes are the main difference, offering better traction and protection from rocks and roots and other bad elements. Trail shoes are not essential for the RRRTR, but might help you get over a few tough spots, especially if we have any rainfall before the run.

As for running style, it might best described as requiring increased awareness. You will not be able to get into the same type of "zone" or rhythm that you could on the road, and your speed will be less as you will be constantly negotiating turns and dips. You will find that even though you have to look for the next root, rut, low overhead branch, and turn of the trail, you can absorb the beauty of the natural surroundings. Just remember, keep those feet high!

Trail running also requires another mind set: preparedness. When venturing off the beaten path it is essential that you plan ahead for all possible contingencies. Such as bringing enough fluids, clothing as appropriate, and a cell phone for emergencies (not needed during the race.) Running with a headset on, while never a good idea outdoors, is really a poor idea on the trails. Not only will you not be aware of your surroundings, you won't hear the birds and other wildlife. (Wazzat rattling?)

After making a few adjustments to your running style you will in no time be settling into the rhythm of the trails, seeing sights that can only be imagined from the roadside, trading traffic noise for singing birds, exhaust fumes for the smell of the forest, and your legs will be thanking you for getting them off the road.

Running the beautiful and rugged trails at the Caloosahatchee Regional Park is great training...and fun. But the north side 10 mile trail system is the only place off road cyclists have to ride in Lee County and as such the trails can be quite crowded on weekends. In order to prevent user conflicts the Park and Mud Cutters ask that most running be done on weekday mornings.

Need some training to get you ready? Here is a training program that covers novice to advanced.


Trail Running Plans from Serious Running

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Cool Running's The Half Marathon

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