Adidas Performance Men’s Rockadia M Trail Runner Review: Is It Good?

When you look back, maybe two decades ago, you will discover that there was no such thing as trail running shoes. But yet, people were still able to carry themselves on the mountain, through fields and along towpaths, all the while running on trails. However, their accomplishments were not without broken bones, blisters or bruises.

So what changed now?

No doubt, your favourite casual shoe can help you run your local trails but it doesn't go beyond that. For thru-hiking or something more serious, you need specialized shoes. You will not only experience more comfort and stability on your ride, but you will also worry less about stopping and guessing with every single step.

To tackle the toughest off-road terrain, you need the best dedicated trail shoes available. The newly released Adidas Performance Men's Rockadia M Trail Runner Shoe is not only a great catch but also one that can give you the best value for your money.

This pair may not belong to a huge line-up, like with many brands, but it does features a good number of promising features that can help you have a faster and easier ride. Amongst which are unique overlays and mesh for providing cover and ventilation respectively. The use of thick foam cushioning also helps to provide comfort and support.

Let's take a deeper look at what this shoe has to offer.


  • Comes at a pretty affordable price which is really good for budget buyers
  • An incredible outsole unit greatly admired by users for providing reliable traction (grip)
  • Also performs well on smooth and flat surfaces without compromising the natural fit and comfort it provides to your feet
  • Boasts an elegant design that looks pleasing and attractive
  • thumbs-o-up
    Offers great comfort and stability
  • thumbs-o-up
    Comes at a very high quality that guarantees extreme durability


  • Sizing might be a problem especially for runners with large feet
  • As observed by many users, the shoes are somehow narrow; another testament to the discontentment with the half sizing scheme
  • thumbs-o-down
    There are no options for more width

Main Features It Partakes:


The Rockadia M Trail is not only a better trail running shoe but also a more beautiful one.

For its façade, the shoe uses various shades of gray and black. However, several colour options exist for its upper and outsole.

This gives you the opportunity to choose not just a trail running shoe but one that compliments your entire outfit.

Size and Fit

It might interest you to know that the sizing scheme of the Rockadia M Trail is half-size smaller compared to the standard. However, you should still be able to get a relaxed fit for your feet by choosing half size up.

The fit is comfortable especially in the heel and midfoot region. The semi-curved shape of the show adds to its natural fitness for your foot.


The Rockadia M Trail has an outsole unit that consists of ADIWEAR, a rubber compound commonly used in modern sports shoes to securely hold on to topography. In order words, the Rockadia M Trail provides a strong, secure grip even on difficult terrains.

Material is long-lasting, so you can be rest assured that your shoe won't be wearing off anytime soon. Gripping lugs are added to ensure easier navigation and stride on any type of surface.


More so, sole construction is also designed to easily release mud and prevent debris from building up. Thus the dry weight of the shoe is maintained, which of course, is desirable for fast runners.

Molded Midsole

The midsole unit of the Rockadia M Trail is built to last. The design utilizes a molded foam insole to provide more cushioning and support to the feet. The curve of the arch is strongly supported; something that is not common with many trail running shoes.

The design of the midsole generally consists of the front and back parts. While the front caters for transition, the back helps to absorb impacts especially when the runner is landing.

The entire construction helps to enhance comfort and breathability especially in the underfoot area.

Mesh Upper

Like many trail running shoes, the Rockadia M Trail utilizes a mesh upper that is both durable and allows for breathability. Airflow is well directed to ensure adequate ventilation so that the foot is always dry and cool no matter the weather condition.


The upper unit also makes use of synthetic leather overlays merged with the lacing system to strengthen the upper and also add to its robustness.

Two other added features for protection and convenience are the protective toecap and handy pull-tab (found at the shoe’s rear) respectively.

To reduce irritation especially when striding on uneven surfaces, some padding was also added to the collar and tongue of the footwear.

What You May not Like about This Shoe

No doubt, the Rockadia M Trail is highly rated in terms of the durability and traction it provides for both trail running and traditional road workouts.

It provides a reasonable level of comfort and support; however, considering its weight, it is not the best option for fast runners. If you fall in such a category, then you may want to consider another model in the New Balance line-up.

The material also used in making the shoe also tend to soak water which when combined with the heavy weight of the trainer can be a big problem. As a result, we won't recommend this shoe for running on wet and muddy surfaces.

Sizing may also be a problem. Rockadia shoes generally come one size smaller or may fit extra snug.

But beside all these, the shoe will make a good choice for a great running experience.

The Bottom Line

To top it all, this shoe is available at a great price, especially for budget buyers. And if you're getting on the trail for the first time, then you won't miss it with this top notch trainer.

You can expect to get the best comfort regardless of the type of terrain you are striding on. The support is commendable as well as the traction it provides.

Overall, this shoe will make an ideal choice for your off-road adventure. Don't hesitate to make the deal!

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