Altra Olympus 2.0 Review: Should You Buy a Pair Of This?

Whether you want to replace your existing maximum cushion shoes or try out anyone of the much "noised" Altra Olympus trail running shoes, the newly improved model from the popular brand might just have everything you need to charge up your next trail run. The Altra Olympus 2.0 is the third iteration of the Olympus model and definitely one of the best trail running shoes currently invoke in the market.

While the new pair doesn't feature so many changes especially in its midsole and upper units, it comes with a unique upgrade to the outsole of the previous model, which ensures greater cushion and traction for navigating any type of terrain.

Besides its VibramMegagrip outsole (which is obviously the biggest update), the Altra Olympus 2.0 is also laden with longer lasting treads and thugs that provide stability for runners on both trails and traditional roads. In other words, you can be pretty sure of a smooth ride regardless of the path you are treading on.

With a weight of about 312g in size 9 (for men), the Olympus 2.0 is 34g lighter than its predecessor. Obviously, this makes it a better alternative for runners who need a ride that is lighter and faster. The midsole foam and heel-toe drop are 36mm and 0mm respectively, which clearly qualifies it a top MAX CUSHION.

Let's delve a little deeper and see what the pair is all about.



  • Lighter than the previous model; this obviously qualifies it as a faster ride
  • Has an impressive performance established on greater comfort, stability and traction, compared to its predecessor
  • Comes with Natural Ride System which ensures a smoother natural ride
  • Offers more protection to the foot; thanks to the inclusion of a gaiter trap which helps to keep debris away
  • thumbs-o-up
    Comes with Vibram Megagrip outsole which provides firmer grip and ensures maximum durability


  • You may find the price a bit expensive
  • The absence of an additional system that provides more support for the heels can be a problem; some users have already complained about heel slippage

Main Features It Partakes:

Size and Fit

Just like its predecessors, the Altra Olympus 2.0 has a standard length sizing. Though for the old version, it was a bit of a guessing game. Thankfully, that error has been corrected and now you can be sure of picking the right shoe size for your foot.

Wide measurements are used in the heel and forefoot areas while medium to high volume is used for the middle foot. If you’re current with the Olypmuslineup, then you may want to that the new version has a similar fit with the 1.5 version.

About the sizing; the Olympus 2.0 has a sizing scheme which range from 5.5-12 for ladies and 7-15 for men. So you shouldn't have any problem getting a size that matches your foot.

Dual Layer EVA Midsole

The Altra Olympus 2.0 features a dual layer EVA (added 3mm of foam) that provides reliable cushioning and comfort. Most runners who used the shoe already testified to experiencing increased comfort with greater flexibility and response to momentary impacts.


Also included in the midsole unit is the A-Bound technology which help to provide additional protection to the feet and also reduce the impact of each step you take. In other words, the system helps you to last longer on the road by reducing the effect your impacts on the trail.

Besides comfort and responsiveness, the removable 5mm Contour Footbed and natural flat foot design of the Olympus 2.0 help to provide additional stability by allowing the toes to be evenly distributed (spread) while you are on the run. Simply put, this model has more “spring” feeling.

Mesh Upper

The upper unit of the Altra Olympus 2.0 features the most notable upgrades in the new shoe compared to its previous versions. In fact the entire upper is a rethought. It is generally sturdier with greater capacity to last longer.

The upper utilizes a Quick Dry Mesh that offers lightweight and extreme durability. Interestingly, the material doesn’t wear off easily and is useful for preventing moisture and debris from building up in the upper.

Also added for more protection and breathability is the Gaiter Trap. All these features make the new upper more thinner and lighter as opposed to the seemingly thick feeling of the previous versions.

Unique Vibram Outsole

Besides using the perfect tread placement, the Olympus 2.0 also makes use of the notable Vibram outsole which is obviously one of the most important components for making trail running shoes. And as expected the traction Olympus 2.0 provides is perhaps the best in the Altralineup, but that’s only part of the story.

The VibramMegagrip system is made up of a thick, sticky, rubber compound which serves to provide extreme traction and stability even when treading on rough surfaces. In other words, you can confidently stride on various terrains (even those that are wet and muddy) and not worry about slipping off or stopping to balance out.

This also enhances the longevity of your shoes and makes it easily adapt to any kind of surface.


The addition of a Gaiter Trap in the upper of the Olympic 2.0 helps to provide protection and also enhance breathability. Of course, this gives the upper a better feeling than its predecessors and also makes it to take a better appearance complimented by an attractive stacked midsole. In other words, the Olympic 2.0 is not only a better trail running shoe but also a more beautiful one.

The shoes are available in varieties of colours, ranging from something simple and basic to something flashy and sophisticated. This gives you the opportunity to choose not just a trail running shoe but one that compliments your entire outfit.

What You May not Like about the Altra Olympus 2.0

No doubt, this shoe is a mind blower and may yet be the best we've seen in the Altra lineup so far. Compared to its predecessor, it's a vast improvement and definitely has more merits.

It offers extreme durability, traction, comfort, protection and just fits perfectly.

But like with many trail running shoes, it's not without its flaws, howbeit very small.

The absence of a heel support system puts it on the less technical side while the pricing puts it on the expensive side especially for budget buyers.

But what would you really expect from a shoe of this class?

We do not recommend it for super-technical trails. To enjoy all its benefits, stick to the less technical paths.

The Bottom Line (4.7)

If you are looking for a reliable trainer that will provide you with all the cushioning you need to navigate varied terrains, the the Altra Olympus 2.0 will make a good bet for your money. You may not find a better option for your hiking or racing adventures. Even if you have tromp uphill and downhill, you will be impressed by the stability and traction this shoe provides.

Like many users, you will likely find something to blow you off. It could be the long tongues that securely hold the foot down or the featured Vibram Megagrip outsole, the great grip and power, or maybe something else.

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