Barefoot Running: The One and Only Guide You Will Need

Barefoot and minimalist running isn’t just a sport anymore. It had turned into a movement.

You know why?

Well, when I heard about barefoot running for the very first time, I was pretty skeptical. Why do even people do that? Don't we always need a cushion to protect our feet? - these were the question roaming around my mind. 

Weeks later, when I came across a book called Born to Run by Christopher McDouglass, I completely changed my mind. In fact, right now, I am a weekend barefoot runner and I won’t deny that how much it benefits me.

If you're someone concerned about this, I guess it's best to hear barefoot running experience from someone who started hating it ended up with love for it.

Barefoot Running: The ​​​​Whys

  • It’s Actually Better than Running on Shoes Ever had a cast on your neck for a month or so? If you did, then let me tell you, that's why running on shoes like. Nowadays, sportsmen and runners are sold a lot on the necessity of running shoes. But for native traditional Americans, that's a completely in a natural way to run. Running barefoot will not only strengthen your feet and muscles but also take you to your ancient nature, which is, of course, running without shoes.
  • It Connects you to the Earth, Once Again
    Apart from gifting you stronger feet and leg muscle, what I feel more is it connects you to the mother earth. In return for providing a tiny amount of safety, shoes depart us from the earth. You can't even feel the thrill of running until you touch the ground in every step you make in it.

What Equipment Do You Need?

Is equipment in a barefoot run? I know you’ve already raised an eyebrow.

But give me a second for explaining. Barefoot running is supposed to be barefoot, and in fact, it is. But still, there are some minimalist’s shoes that don't contain the cushion or anything that limits your feet. Just for the sake of the basic protection from the hot asphalt or obstacles on a hilly terrain, runners use them.

Even, in the famous book by Christopher McDougall, you’ll find it to be real. In Born to Run, the writer had explained traditional Tarahumara Tribes(Mexico) trend of barefoot running with a minimalist shoe.

I’ll Start My Own Run. But How?

So far, we’ve been determined that barefoot running is the next cool thing on our bucket list. But to be practical, are you aware of all those risks and threats that barefoot runners go through?

If you’re not, let’s go through a 6-step guide for starting your first barefoot sprint-

  • Tips 1 of 6: Always Keep the Mileage Slow
    There is one common problem occurs to almost everyone who’ve just started with their running. And that is TOFP- Top of Foot Pain. That’s because they pressurize on their foot so much that the feet can’t handle.

    We advise you to start slow. Because your feet had always been in touch with shoes and now it’s impossible to have a 6-mile run on the very first try. So, start with a slow mileage and let your feet get adjusted to it.

  • Tips 2 of 6: Start Completely Barefoot
    Although we've suggested a minimalist shoe to put on while you're on the barefoot run, that's not from the very beginning. It will be more comfortable to start barefoot because you'll get a natural response from the sole of your feet. If you wear shoes from the beginning, it can even create a false sense of comfort on your feet.

  • Tips 3 of 6: Start with Running on A Hard Surface
    Don't make the mistake of making your first run on soft surfaces like grass or sand. Because you've been through years of shoe-wearing habit. So, the uneven surfaces with obstacles can be a serious threat to safety.

    We prefer start running on the concrete or hard packed sand. It will also help you to start learning good gauge on landing.

  • Tips 4 of 6: Make the Run Silent
    One good way to make the run enjoyable is to run silently. On concrete or hard surfaces, can be a good way to prevent that thudding sound you make usually. Start working on landing softly and silently.

    The trick that most of the barefoot runner’s use is to run on the forefoot. Starting with that, you should gradually acquire how to make a landing on even midfoot or heel strikes. And all of these will be completely silent.

  • Tips 5 of 6: Don’t Even Look at the Negative Comments Have you seen the movie, Forest Gump? Well, if you start running barefoot on roads or beaches, somebody will start making noises. We strongly recommend you to ignore them as their nobody.

    Surely take the questions and interactions, but don’t be reactive to the offensives ones among them. Because no matter what you do, it happens.

Wrapping It Up

Well, in the game of barefoot running, you're your own inspiration. But if you look for more motivation from a barefoot runner like me and you, there are communities, social groups and of course the book named Born to Run. It's a must for each and every one of us.

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