Breakneck Ridge Trail: Things You Need To Know

Best Feature: Breakneck Ridge
Closest City: Rockland County, New York
Hiking Trail Length: 375 meters, or 1,230 feet.
Hiking Trail Time: 4+ hours – 2 people, 5 – 6.25 hours – group
Difficulty: medium – difficult (multiple rock scrambles)
Best Season: Spring and Fall

Longitude: W 073.97791

Latitude: N 41.44354


Among top hiking spots in the USA, Breakneck Ridge Trail is one of the hiker’s first choices. It is located at Hudson Highlands State Park, New York with the length of 9.6 miles. It is located exactly between the Cold Spring and the Beacon. This trail started at the level of the river which ascends next to knobby ridge. Your continuous walking from the ridge will let you reach the beautiful outlook of Breakneck Ridge.

It has several peaks, the highest, some distance inland, reaching approximately 1,260 feet (384 m) height. The south side of the head is remarkable for its stunning cliffs, the result of degradation in recent years. The hotel is located in the mountains Hudson State Park has spectacular views over the river and in the region and is popular with hikers, so far as to stop a flag in the Metro North train line along the ridge base NY 9D is crossed.

Until the early 20th Century, the mountain known as San Antonio in the face or the face of the Turks, after a face like stone formation on the cliffs of the south, which was destroyed by the quarry in 1901.

Breakneck Ridge Trail is the main street in Hudson Highlands State Park in New York. Thousands of hikers travel the state park each year to cope with the challenges posed by rapid Ridge Trail. The proof of the rapid climbing and hiking Trail Ridge before planning your trip must be understood.

Routes To Take

Your memorable trail hike will start at the trailhead of Breakneck Ridge and on its white blazes’ first set. You need to climb to get to the initial trailhead of Breakneck Ridge trail. This time, you need a pair of gloves and pair of boots. At the beginning of your hiking, you will see the Hudson River. Also, you will take the route that passes through the tunnel then you will take Hudson Valley.Breakneck-Ridge-Trail

After some climb, you will see West Point Military Academy and Hudson Highland Gorge next to it. Also, you will pass Bear Mountain Bridge as well as other ridges. You will pass the Hudson Highlands State Park. As you go along, you will pass on old treadmills, farms, and towers. You will end your hiking with Breakneck Ridge Trail located at the Cold Spring.

What We Love About This Hike

This hiking allows you to see distinctive rocky cliffs which are also visible from a long distance. You can also see the Storm King Mountain which opposes the river bank forms including Wey-Gat, Wind Gate and etc. You can find several summits which are about 1,260 feet from above the sea level.

The southern peak features remarkable striking cliffs which resulted from quarrying done in past years. One of the most beautiful features it offers is the St. Anthony’s Face which is also known as Turk’s Face. This is a stone formation which was destroyed in 1901 by quarryman.

Considerations Before Taking This Hike

No matter what hiking spot you are planning to take, you must be knowledgeable about many things with regards to this activity. You must bring complete first-aid kit. Also, you must have things that will help you protect yourself from natural harms like gloves for easier climbing, boots to give comfort on your feet and picnic basket. It is also better to come with the proper hiking pants and hiking jackets. You must have small thermos or jug that you can place on your hip so if ever you feel thirsty while climbing, it is easier for you to drink.

Aside from complete materials and supplies, you must also have knowledge on what to do with some circumstances. First, you must study about the animals which you might encounter with your hiking. Aside from this, you need to know the exact routes to take to make sure that this hiking will be successful. Along with those materials and information you need, it is better to bring a camera so you have remembrance on this memorable hiking trip. Capture every route you take as well as the features or views where this hiking venue is known for.

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