Cirque of the Towers: Read Before You Go

Best Feature: Scenic Viewpoints, Trail Hiking,  Rock Climbing, Backpacking, Camping
Location: Wyoming, United States
Elevation: 10,166 feet or 3,099 meters
Hiking Trail Length: 12 miles
Hiking Trail Time: 5 hours
Profile Trail Rating Moderate to Strenuous

Longitude: 109. 215 W

Latitude: 42. 77720 N


Situated in the Wind River Range in Wyoming, United States is the semicircle ridge of jagged granite peaks and spires located deep in the boulders, of which the Continental Divide runs along, is the Cirque of Towers. Considered as the mecca for climbers and backpackers, it is located ten miles going to the Bridger Wilderness of the southern part of the Wind River Mountain.

Along this vast area of landform, are wondrous attractions waiting to be explored and discovered. The scenic views and the breath-taking experience offers tourists a distinct enjoyment, with the great adventures crafted thereof, surely visitors would consider it a fun-filled trip.

Moreover, for those who want to test their endurance, technical rock climbing opportunities are available, and for those who would want to see such spectacular viewpoints, hiking is permitted. On the other hand, the Cirque of the Towers is a magnificent semi-circle of fifteen, having 12,000-foot craggy peaks that form a part of the Continental Divide.

Getting There

Before going on a hiking trip, tourists should secure a geographical map with them. It can help them in tracing and finding directions within the vicinity. Directions to hike: If coming near Pinedale, Wyoming from the north, start by driving 11 miles going to the south on U.S. 191 to Boulder.

From the latter, drive around 18 miles southeast on a paved road located at Highway 23. When you reach a junction, shortly after the pavement ends, go left southeast for 2.9 miles. At 2.9 miles go to the right, still, head southeast. Approximately after 6 miles, you will come to a signed intersection (A).


Turn to the left to the east, then follow the sign heading to Big Sandy. You will see another intersection signed (B) after 7.5 miles wherein you turn left on the north, to Big Sandy.

This road is still fairly right even if it is steep and rocky. For approximately 10.5 miles, follow the path and the signs along the way until you reach the Big Sandy camping grounds and trailhead which is 9080 feet.

What We Love About This Hike

Visitors coming from different nationalities would come and visit the Cirque of Towers having with them varied ways on how to explore the vast area of the wonderful landform thereof-may it is through backpacking, rock climbing, hiking or even just for capturing the scenic view of the Cirque.

With its dramatic landscape, made up of granite spire peaks and as well as the high alpine wilderness setting, the Cirque is one destination backpackers and day hikers love. However, this hiking trail is not for the novice but slightly experienced hikers with good physical condition, ready and acclimated to go on high elevations. The climbing season is usually from June up to mid of September where there are several days of dry and clear weather.

As for those who would want to go camping, it is available at the Sandy trailhead campground. Some of the noteworthy peaks are the Pingora, Wolf’s Head, Warbonnet Peak, Pylon Peak, Mitchell Peak and the Lizards head-of which tourists might want to take a lookout of.

There are no permits required for all the given activities within the Cirque, such as camping, hiking or backpacking.

Short Tips

Commonly, the most frequent complaints of tourists in the area are about the mosquitoes. So it is important to bring along with you insect repellants as to avoid mosquito bites.

Also, wear clothing that will protect and cover your skin. Keep in mind the rules and regulations of the place and be aware at all times.

Considerations before Taking This Hike

It is necessary that visitors and guests shouldn’t forget to bring along with them a geographical map of the whole area, which is very significant in giving of directions. Guests should plan accordingly and should be well-prepared before going on a hike.

Taking plenty before leaving, bringing along an extra bottle is recommended. Also, keep some food to give the body the energy and strength to go on a hike.

A backpack that is durable and sturdy is a must, for it is where you could keep the essentials including first aid treatments, food, and water supply, extra clothes and undergarments, hiking boots that are of quality and with ankle support.

Awareness of the weather and the climate is one thing a tourist should take note. And of course, don’t leave on a trip without keeping a portable camera with you, capture every single moment and the lovely views thereof.

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