Deep Creek Trail – Hesperia: Here’s Some Insight

Best Feature: Deep Creek Hot Springs
Closest City: Lake Arrowhead
Hiking Trail Length: 20-mile trail
Altitude Gained: 4,460-ft.
Hiking Trail Time: Approx. 2 hours
Difficulty: Intermediate
Hiking Trail Condition:
Best Season: May

Longitude: -117.15871810913086

Latitude: 34.29360114060519


Deep Creek boasts their infamous Hot Springs. We say infamous because if you are planning to go there, expect to see a lot of nude people sitting in the hot springs. Getting there though is another thing. Deep Creek Trail will make your trip to the springs all worth it.

A lot of your time (and some motorcycles along the way) and nature, one-on-one. You have to leave your car at the ranch for a fee. If the owner is not there, he usually has envelopes outside where you can just put the money in and insert it into his door. Take the dirt road all the way till you get to the springs. You just have to follow the signs.

Routes to Take

If you are coming from Los Angeles, the simplest route to get there would be by taking the I-15 at highway 138 and just continue on it northbound till you pass through Cajon Pass. Take the Exit at Bear Valley Road and make a right at the traffic light on Central.

Continue driving until for approx. 3 miles or until you cross the railway and go up a steep hill to Ocotillo Way. Turn left on Ocotillo Way and continue driving until the road changes from paved to dirt. When you get to Bowen Ranch Road just make a right and drive a few miles more until you get to the Bowen Ranch.

Alternate Route

Instead of coming in from Bowen Ranch, you can take an alternative route going there. Exit the highway at I-15 at Highway 138 up until you get to Cajon Pass. Once you get there, just follow it southeast until you reach Highway 173 and turn left before you hit Lake Silverwood. Stay on it until you reach the turn-off at Hesperia and stay on it until the road changes from paved to dirt.

After four miles, you will reach a reach a white wooden bridge, cross it and until you reach another bridge, this time made of concrete with metal sidings. After 5 miles, you will reach another small white bridge, and you can just park your car there and take the trail from the other side of the creek where you parked.

What We Love About This Hike

This hike will be a refreshing one for you. Something not experienced every day. You can take the trail from the backdoor or from the front, it depends entirely on you. The winding ups and downs of the trail will definitely test you but once you see the beach and see the hot springs on the other side, you might just forget about it all.

The hot springs also have manmade ones so you can choose which spring you want to take a dip in. Each one has a different temperature so you can take your pick from the array of springs.

Even in seasons wherein the water is cold by the beach, just cross to the other side and you can take a dip in the beautiful, sulfuric hot springs. Just take caution when hiking on the trail though, for sometimes, motorbikes pass along it. Although, there are still other parts of the trails that forbid motorbikes and mountain bicycles from passing thru it.

Considerations before Taking This Hike

Always do your homework. Poison oak is abundant in some parts of the trail so make sure that you know how it looks like so that you can spot it right away once you see it. Do not forget your hiking shoes, although you might encounter some free-spirited (nude) hikers along the way.

The emergency medical kit is essential and must be your priority. For the hikers who always have their trusty handheld GPS devices with them, that would be a plus. Cameras, please! You would not want to miss out on getting some perfect photos of you and the wilderness around you. And most importantly, do not forget to bring water. Do not drink the water in the spring; it has not been cleared to be fit to drink.

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