Flattop Mountain Trail: Awaiting For a Adventure-filled Trip?

Best Feature: Bear Lake, Scenic viewpoints high above Anchorage, Trail Hiking,  Camping,  Backpacking,  Paragliding
Location: Near Anchorage, AK
Elevation: 3, 510 feet or 1,070 meters
Hiking Trail Length: 3 miles (roundtrip)
Hiking Trail Time: 2 hours
Profile Trail Rating Easy to Moderate

Longitude: 149.68 West

Latitude: 61.1 North


Situated in Chugach State Park, east of the urban Anchorage is the 3, 510-foot mountain in the State of Alaska and the most climbed mountain thereof, known as the Flattop Mountain.

The latter is known for its panoramic scenery and views of the Anchorage, and as well as the other landforms surrounding the area including Mount Spurr, Denali, and Mount Foraker. Along with this vast area of landform, are great attractions waiting to be discovered.

The spectacular views and one-of-a-kind offer tourists a great enjoyment, with the adventure-filled trip awaiting them, surely visitors would consider it a memorable trip.


Flattop is the most accessible mountain to Anchorage and is very popular for hiking, backcountry skiing, rock climbing, and paragliding. The mountain is rated as easy to moderate due to its elevation gain in the short distance and because of the bad-trail conditions near the top part. The best seasons to visit Flattop Mountain are during the fall and the summer.

Getting There

Before going on a hiking trip, tourists should secure a geographical map with them. It can help them in tracing and finding directions within the vicinity.

Directions to hike: On the New Seward highway, drive south and take the road exit at O’Malley and head east. Drive around 4 miles and then take a right onto the Hillside drive.

After which, drive about 1 mile and turn to the left going onto the Upper Huffman Road, and to a three-way intersection, drive .7 miles. Turn to the right and onto the Toilsome Hill Drive. Head approximately 2 miles going to the parking area at Green Alps; the trailhead is located on the left. The Flattop Trail is found the southeast side of the parking area by climbing the stairs.

What We Love About This Hike

Guests coming from different countries worldwide especially those who love nature would come and visit the Flattop Mountain, having with them varied ideas on how to spend their time in one of the most beautiful places on earth. May it be through backpacking, mountain climbing, trail hiking or even just to take photographs of the area’s breath-taking view.

The Mountaineering Club of Alaska holds overnight camping during the summer and even in winter despite the scarcity of water. On the other hand, the Flattop Trail is famous for day hikers due to its easy railhead access. The trail begins at Bear Lake which crosses the Continental Divide, providing backpackers with a good trail access to the western side of the park.

Short Tips

The Flattop Mountain Trail holds several potential hazards that should be taken into consideration. Extreme precaution should be observed as visitors approach the summit.

Several hikers were reported to have been seriously wounded and injured after slipping on the loose rocks and boulders, falling off the side. Tourists should stay between the markers that are placed near the summit to keep themselves safe. Hiking the trail is not recommended for small children.

Considerations before Taking This Hike

When going on a trip or vacation, it is but necessary that visitors and guests shouldn’t forget to bring along with them a geographical map of the area they are heading to, for the latter is very significant and helpful in giving directions.

Tourists should plan their activities accordingly and should be well-prepared ahead of time before going on a hike. Drinking plenty before leaving and bringing along an extra bottle of water is recommended. Foods are also important to give the body nourishment and strength to go on a hike.

Bring a backpack that is durable to keep the essentials with including first aid treatments, water and supply, extra warm clothes and hiking boots with ankle support. Hikers and backpackers should be aware of the weather and the climate for them to be able to anticipate and know what to expect. And of course, don’t leave on a hike without keeping a handy camera along with you. Capture every beautiful thing thereof.

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