Glacier Gorge Trail: Get There Early!

Best Feature: 80 glacial lakes
Closest City: Montana
Hiking Trail Length: 6.9 miles
Hiking Trail Time: 6 hours
Difficulty: Moderate
Hiking Trail Condition:
Best Season: Summer

Longitude: 88 09 01 E

Latitude: 27 42 09 N


Glacier Gorge skip starting point is about some of the best hikes in the parks.

Here is a fascinating walk longer primary school mile round trip beautiful Alberta Falls, an increase of over 12 miles away, lakes and mountain peaks. If you go walking Glacier Gorge, get there early! The pitch is very low.

Getting there early is a wonderful idea for several reasons.

He is the only time you can get a picture of Alberta Falls to without a crowd. It also means that you are back where you leave before the storm in the afternoon.

Alberta Falls is a little more than a mile of hiking primary starting point. There is a fork in the road, a little more than a mile above the fall. The right path takes you up the road Haiyaha lake on the left leads to the glacier gorge, which leads directly to Lake Vale.

It is difficult to decide whether Glacier Gorge Lake Valley is the most sensible option. Loch Vale lake sky is my favorite course. Black Lake in the throat, the choice is Flo. If you have enough time in the park, take two. Lake and Lake Mills in Glacier Gorge are easily done on the same day. But if you need to walk a whole day for each track.

There are thousands of hiking spots around the USA. But not all of them are known and gather lots of visitors or hikers. One of these is the Glacier Gorge which started with the bus trip at the Bear Lake Road. It is located at the Colorado USA. It can be found exactly at the Rocky Mountain National Park. It offers lots of spectacular scenery like alpine lakes, amazing wildflowers, and cascading waterfalls.

Routes To Take

This hiking trip started at the Alberta Falls which is ten minutes away from the trailhead. Other routes you will take are the Mills Lake then the creek valley and Taylor Peak after. You will pass Meadow which is located between the Jewel and Black Lakes which is about 10, 620 feet.

After this, you will pass McHenrys Peak which is around 13, 327 feet and the Black Lack. The route you will pass through next to this is the Chiefs Head Peak and the Frozen Lake. Next to this, you will take the Spearhead and Longs Peak.  Also, you will go to the Mummy Range which is located at the east of Frozen Lake.

After passing those routes, you will now take the Pagoda Mountain which will head you to blue lake and McHenreys Peak and creek running toward the Black Lake. After continuous hiking, you will reach the Glacier Creek and the chiefs head peak. The hiking ended at the lake road.

What We Love About This Hike

Hikers love this spot as it offers lots of distinctive features. It has a mass of ice which also has high elevations.

The distances of its routes also attracted hikers which include Laughton Glacier with 6.1 km, South Glacier with 12.3 km, Irene Glacier with 12.5km, Saussure Glacier with 15km and Irene Glacier with 15.6km. Aside from this, you will hike for about 1000 feet elevation which offers more excitement on your hiking trip. You have the chance to spend your trip with cloudy and clear skies.

Considerations Before Taking This Hike

With your knowledge on hiking, you must also have knowledge on other things. First, you need to practice the right way or doing this activity. If this is not your first time to hike, then you don’t need too much practice. What you need to study are the animals you might encounter on your hiking trip.

You can’t deny and you can’t stop these harmful animals to go on your way. However, if you are knowledgeable on which animals or even plants you should stay away, then you must not have fear in hiking. Although you will walk hike with travel guides or not, you must assure your safety so you must also secure that you know all the routes you are about to take.

Aside from the information you have, you also need supplies or materials with you.

You must be ready with proper hiking jackets and hiking pants. For you to take hiking easier you must bring gloves and boots that will give you comfort with your hiking trip. You must also have your own first aid kits. If you want to have a remembrance from this trip, then better to bring your camera.

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