Mount Whitney: The Highest Point OF The Inyo and Tulare Counties

Best Feature: Mount Whitney Trail,  Hiking, Rock Climbing
Closest City: Los Angeles City, California
Elevation: 14, 505 feet; 4421 meters
Hiking Trail Length: 22 miles; 35 kilometers (Roundtrip) or 8.5 mile-trail via the Pacific Crest Trail
Hiking Trail Time: Main Trail: 1 or 2-3days
Profile Trail Rating Eastern Slope: Steep
Type and Age of Rock: Granite, Cretaceous

Longitude: 118.2923

Latitude: 36.57860


Considered as the highest point of the Inyo and Tulare counties, and as well as the highest summit in all of California and Sierra Nevada, is the14, 505 feet (4421 meters) tall Mount Whitney. It lies along the Sierra Crest and raises on the eastern border of the Sequoia National Park, from the Owens Valley, of which lies the western slope, and in the Inyo National Forest, the eastern slope, meeting the John Muir Wilderness.

Over the years, the elevation stature of the mountain continuously brings intrigue to the human psyche, both from the perspective of the government, or even that of an ordinary civilian. With the use of sophisticated, innovative methods and the new technology, results of the reevaluation of the increase in the height of Mount Whitney revealed that the latter’s peak changes continually, usually in an upward trend.

Whitney has no glaciers and is prominently dominated by granite. The most accessible and the most popular of all the trails present is the Mount Whitney Trail, wherein hikers are not required much of their time or any technical gear and Hiking expertise.

Getting There

When entering the attraction, hikers should take a geographical map with them, to serve as their guide on their journey throughout the trails. Most importantly, guests should secure a permit before starting off with the trek.

The entrance of the Mount Whitney Trail starts at the Whitney Portal, west of the town of Lone Pine, which is 13 miles (21 km) away, by taking US-395. It serves as the trailhead of the Mountaineer’s route, Mount Whitney Trail and as well as the other climbing and mountaineering routes thereof. An elevation of 8, 65 feet signifies that you have reached the Portal.

The Alternative Route

Another option to consider is the Onion Valley Trailhead, wherein in about 36.1 miles, visitors could already reach the Trail Crest. Take US-395, turn west at Independence, north of Lone Pine to reach Onion Valley, with a backpacking adventure.

On the other hand, aside from taking the two previous directions, guests could also try on different approaches heading to the highest-peaked landform of the United States, which includes the Horseshow Meadows, used typically for Mount Langley.

What We Love About This Hike

Mount Whitney offers a wide variety of activities accompanied by breath-taking adventures-from the easy walk through the trails, up to the challenging hikes of the rocky mountain, creating a one-of-a-kind experience for tourists from all walks of life.

They could choose on how they would explore the wonders of Mount Whitney using different approaches such as Hiking, Rock Climbing, Skiing, and Snowboarding. Moreover, the hiking wouldn’t be complete without witnessing the scenic view of the area and the magnificent pictures of nature, drawn on the face of Mount Whitney.

Camping is also, on the other hand, one of the most popular attractions in the area, of which people from all over the world travel just to experience. The wildlife on the landform is habituated by Marmots, Bears, Squirrels, Deer, Robins and Blue Jays. Visitors should take extra precaution and care when dealing with these natives.

Considerations before Taking This Hike

First and foremost, one necessary tool that hikers and visitors should take with them is a geographical map, which is one helpful tool that is of significance. Another essential thing guests should consider is nourishment supplies such as water and food, to provide the body with the right energy while going on a trek.

Bring some durable backpack or a sturdy knapsack where you could store the essentials such as first aid kits in case of an emergency, water and food, some extra trekking clothes and rubber shoes, flashlights, and as well as camping gears for those who would want to stay overnight and experience Mount Whitney at night.

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