New Balance Men’s Mt10V1 Minimus Trail Running Shoe Review: Worth It?

There's no better way to experience nature than going outdoor in full force. And for a masculine who desires nothing more than an off-road adventure, the New Balance Men's MT10V1Minimus Running Shoecan provide you with all the support and stability you need to remain in motion even on rocky trails.

Besides being a rocket trainer, this shoe is also road friendly, which makes it also suitable for your normal traditional road or gym workout. In order words, you can easily change up your run without changing your shoes.

Thanks to its Gore-Tex upper and form fitting, protection from debris and water is possible while maintaining a natural fit.

The shoe's outsole also features some of the best materials available for making modern sports shoes. A good example is the Vibram which helps to provide extreme traction and durability. And thanks to its adequately cushioned midsole, you can enjoy the same level of comfort in both on-and-off road conditions.

Before we go a little further on the features of the shoe, let's quickly consider the upsides and downsides, so you will be ready to make an informed decision at the end of this review.



  • Water resistant which makes it a perfect choice for wet and muddy conditions
  • Versatile and purposeful, in and out of season, and for trail and traditional road running
  • Comes with a great fitting upper that offers great comfort and natural support
  • Flexible and offers extreme traction for navigation any type of terrain
  • thumbs-o-up
    Lightweight; thus a great choice for runners looking for faster rides


  • Shoe design may limit breathability especially when indoors; you may feel warm and uneasy
  • Fit is very snug which might not be convenient for some runners
  • thumbs-o-down
    Not suitable for runners with a high bridge
  • thumbs-o-down
    Price is a bit expensive

Main Features It Partakes:

Acteva Midsole

If you are familiar with the New Balance line-up, then you will agree that molded EVA is commonly featured in many of their midsole units. In case you don’t know, EVA is a compound mostly employed as a cushioning material for making modern sports.

Similar to the EVA foam is a special material known as Acteva foam which is also used in many New Balance shoes. The major difference between both foams is that Acteva is 12 percent lighter and is complemented with materials that makes it last longer.

So on the performance scale; we could say that the Acteva foam is higher than the EVA foam which of course is great perk for the MT10V1Minimus. However, only the lowest version is used which isn't so impressive.

A wider toe box is provided for more space while extra padding is allowed above the midsole unit to enhance comfort and cushion. This enables runners to have a comfortable ride even when striding on uneven surfaces.

The 4mm heel drop will also help to protect your lower foot from rocks and gnarly roots.

Mesh Upper

The upper of the MT10V1Minimus utilizes a lightweight mesh material which provides enhanced ventilation so that the feet will remain dry and cool even in wet conditions.

This design also helps to provide maximum breathability to your feet while you are in motion. An anti-bacterial liner is also employed to take care of odour.

Also added for additional support and comfort are synthetic leather overlays and lace-up closure. To reduce irritation, some padding was also added to the collar and tongue of the footwear.

Vibram Outsole

In terms of quality, the Vibram Outsole is one of the most important components for making trail running shoes. And it's not difficult to see why.


This MT10V1MinimusVibram outsole system is made up of a thick, sticky, rubber compound which serves to provide extreme traction and stability even when treading on rough surfaces. In order words, you can confidently stride on various terrains (even those that are wet and muddy) and not worry about slipping (even on wet asphalt) or stopping to balance out.

The light groove pattern of the outsole as well as its multidimensional lugs also allows for greater ability to withstand impacts to the foot. You can easily fold the entire footwear without worrying about any strain or deformation.

Additionally, the entire sole construction is built to last. So you can be rest assured you won't be changing this pair anytime soon.

Unique Style

When it comes to style, New Balance is definitely making progress. While their shoes might not look as fashionable as those from nike or addidas, they have a unique style which sets them apart from other brands.

For the MT10V1Minimus, they don't disappoint. In fact, the style is pretty impressive especially when you consider the fact that these are only trail running shoes.

The design is clean; which is expected since the shoe is a minimalist trainer. And if you are the picker type, then you will be glad to know that several colour options also exist.


As expected the New Balance MT10V1Minimus belongs to the feather weight category. At a weight of 6.3 ounces, you couldn't possibly lighter.

This weight is not only light for a trail runner but also for a road trainer. And compared to the weight of many trail shoes, the MT10V1Minimus can be said to be well below "normal".

Again, you can use this to your advantage, especially if you're fast runner. The lightweightcan help enhance your responsiveness and stability.

What You May not Like about the Altra Olympus 2.0

No doubt, this shoe is a mind blower and is definitely one of the best we’ve seen on the minimalist side of New Balance. It is versatile, comfortable, and lightweight and can serve for various workout sessions.

But like with many trail running shoes, it's not without its flaws.

In terms of breathability, this shoe can definitely do better, while the snug fit might not be convenient for some runners.

Also, the pricing puts it on the expensive side especially for budget buyers. But what would you really expect from a shoe of this class?

We do not recommend it for super-technical trails. To enjoy all its benefits, stick to the less technical paths or normal traditional roads.

The Bottom Line (4.9)

The MT10V1Minimus is a favorable trainer that goes well for both trail and city runs.With this pace setter, you can easily switch between the road and the trail without having to change up your run.

While the price might be on the expensive end, it is still worth the investment. Many users have already attested to its comfort, cushioning and responsive traction. The shoe style is awesome and doesn’t look unattractive like some trail running shoes.

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