Why Do People Travel for Trail Running: Adventure or What?

It may sound new to some of us, but you'll wonder how much popular it had been in the United States alone. From the year of 2006 to 2012, the number of trail runners had grown from 4.5 million to 6 million!

So, the question is, why do they do this? Apart from numerous sports and outdoor activities, what turned on people to be crazy about this sport?

Hold your horses. Because that’s what we’d be talking about throughout this article.

Why Is This Being So Popular?

A big question indeed! Actually, we all know how people get into something new and trendy. But apart from this, there is something else in this game of trail running that turned it to be so popular.

  • Comparing to the past, there are way more opportunities for runners to take a taste of the trails.
  • Institutional backup had made its ground stronger. Take American Trail Running Association as an example. They are pretty serious about what they do and they take it not as merely a race.
  • It had been a way of expressing unity on a certain occasion or issue. Based on one or more organizers, runners do run on trails very often. You may have seen those group run events organized by retailers, clinics and volunteering organizations on the internet. 
  • Social media plays a gigantic role in the trend. I hope you remember these #trailporn, #trailrunning hashtags going viral on social media.  
  • A number of online resources are encouraging rookie runners to give it a try. A lot of books, guides, how-to guides and much more had been constantly a trainer-next-door for them. 

That was the catalysts that drive people to go beyond regular lives and go on a trail running. But what benefits they're actually getting from it?

Well, we ill tell you.

Benefits That It Brings On- Adventure or Something More?

Although, there are no strong benefits of people acting stupid through the buzz of social media. But in case of trail running, that’s not true.

I know that adventurists mind is that one driving force that keeps Apart from the adventures, there are some actual benefits derived from these runs.

  • The Benefits of Body and Physique
    It’s no wonder that running for long hours always brings some perks for the physical health. Moving forward, running on trails do even more. At least, more than road running.
    As trails are softer and more uneven than roads, they help in building strength, body balance and coordination of limbs. Also, trains and hilly terrains contain a hundred obstacles along the way. So, to run on it, you have to constantly stabilize yourself and keep yourself engaged in physical activities.

    In together, this brings up numerous physical benefits, if done on regular basis.

  • The Benefits for Mind
    It’s not actually about trail running that had been quite a recent trend. If you start from hundreds of years back, you'll find that masterminds like Beethoven, Buddhist Monks, Darwin and much more had been in a touch of nature. It benefits the mind in a number of ways.

    Being close to nature relieves anxiety, stress and activates the brains- and it’s proved. Besides, natural settings are proved to feel as less threatened.

    So, running around a 3-mile trail for once or twice in a month definitely makes you a better soul.

  • The Benefits of Soul(Spiritual)
    Apart from body and mind, there is something that affects a trail runner spiritually.

    Let me tell you a story about this.

    in 2007 US Olympic, one professional long-distance runner named Ryan Shay took part in a trial run. After a distance of 5.5 miles, he collapsed himself and dies. Later on, his wife Alicia Shay took over and race to get rid of the guilt and devastating loss. And at the end, it helped her a lot.

    Spiritual benefits can’t be explained in logic often. All we've seen is to work the believes people do. 

However, as you’ve been till this section of the article, we’re taking that you’re one interested person in trail running. To make it easier for you, here are 6 tips for you before you start

Don’t Miss This 6 Tips Before Train Running

Before your next run on hilly terrains and trails, keep these 6 tips in mind-

  • The track will be rough enough as soon as you approach deep ways of it. So, at the start, slow yourself down.
  • Keep the hills in mind and no need to run fast by then. Don’t be afraid to walk if you’re on hills.
  • Lift your feet, run with a trade and of course, always keep an eye on the ground for obstacles.
  • As long as trail running is a sport, there are some certain rules that define it. Don't be a dumb by not keeping them in mind.
  • Be safe enough to protect yourself. Before you go, make sure you’ve told somebody about your departure and destination place and time.
  • Carry a backup layer or jacket, and foods in case of longer runs.

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