Top 15 Mountain Biking Locations Around the World You Shouldn’t Miss

As long as you’ve managed to land on this post, I’m considering that you’re one of those crazy mountain bikers who’d keep this on the top of other sports. Now stop banging the search engine on the best mountain bike locations. Because we will break it down.

There is no BEST mountain biking location in a real sense. Because it’s like a favorite movie name to everyone. Each time you find a different biker and you ask the question, the answer will be different.

So, it’s better to find out your own mountain biking location.

And to give you an expert's hand, we've sorted out the best-rated mountain biking location around the world. And let me tell you, this rating isn't based on the length or any single aspects. We went through a number of cyclist's preferences and blended our own analytics to mine them out.

Let’s start it off-

A Complete List of Top 15 Mountain Biking Location Around the Globe

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Location: Colorado Trail

City/State: Colorado
Country: United States
Length of The Trail: 486 mi (782 km)
Highest Point: 13,271 ft. (4,045 m)
Trail Difficulty: Intermediate

What You Need to Know About Colorado Trail

The Colorado Trail is one of the most popular trails which is opened for riders, bike riders, horse riders and mountain bikers. It starts from the mouth of Waterston Canyon- the southwest extension of Denver or Durango and maintained by Colorado Trail foundation since 1987.

The trail is located at the state’s most mountainous region and found it's a way for long 486 miles through the mountains and terrains. Once you get to bike here, a number of historic mining towns, a ski resort and an Indian trail on the way. Travelling in summer is best considering the environmental preference of the state. Although, in the trail, it can snow any time of the year.

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Location: The Whole Enchilada Trail

City: Moab
Country: Utah, United States
Length of The Trail: 26 miles
Highest Point: 4,400 ft.
Trail Difficulty: Intermediate

What You Need to Know About the Whole Enchilada Trail

The Whole Enchilada Trail is a 26-mile trail located in Utah, USA. Although it's named as one single trail, it's encompassed by a number of sub-trails- Hazard County, Burro Pass and the Porcupine Rim.

When bikers go around, they start with riding a 1400 ft. the trail to Burro Pass. Later on, the, the downhill insanity starts on the way. You have to go through the wooded forest, the Aspen Pine lands and then through an open prairie land. Finally, after hours of biking, you’ll get a power Porcupine section on the way.

For bikers who’re adventurists in mind and action, this would be quite an interesting excursion. The time duration can be near around 5 hours or so.

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Location: Monarch Crest Trail

City: Durango
Country: United States
Length of The Trail: 36.2 Miles
Highest Point: 11,962 ft.
Trail Difficulty: Intermediate

What You Need to Know About Monarch Crest Trail

Monarch Crest Trail is one of the most challenging singletrack for mountain bikers that's up with extremely high altitude. It's 36 miles long and is cheap in price. The ride starts at 7000 ft. high Salida and ends up at Monarch Pass which is almost 12,000 ft. high.

As Monarch Crest Trail is one high elevated biking track, you’ll get to witness the killer view of Monarch Crest nature. You can take anexperienced guide from the authority and if you want to be alone instead, they will provide maps, foods and other essentials.

In total, the ride will take 5-7 hours to complete the whole track. In case of a shorter version, there is 19 miles track for out and back.

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Location: Stromlo Forest Park Trail

City: Stromlo
Country: Australia
Length of The Trail: 18 Miles
Highest Point: N/A
Trail Difficulty: Moderate

What You Need to Know About Stromlo Forest Park Trail

Being officially launched in 2007, Stromlo Forest Park Trail had already become a popular mountain biking and hiking spot in Australia. The distance is 18 miles while the total track distance is almost the double of that. The trailhead at the highest point is 782m high. The total vertical distance is covered up as 204 meters.

Stromlo Forest Park Trail is a cross-country trail which had been providing to be a good fit for all riders. The journey will start with a road criterium of 1.2km and then it's a 2.5 grass running track. Before the end, there is another biking trail.

They are best fit for mountain bikers. But for your information, it’s a widely popular track for runners or walkers as well.

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Location: Blue Derby Trail

City: Derby
Country: Australia
Length of The Trail: 50 miles.
Highest Point: N/A
Trail Difficulty: Moderate

What You Need to Know About Blue Derby Trail

Blue Berry trial is one of the country’s finest landscape, located in Derby, North-East Tasmania, Australia. This network of biking, camping, riding track has three individual separations. The Atlas- which had been the opening of the 50 miles track. The Black Dragon- a black diamond standard trail connected to the opening, and the Big-Chook, the most anticipated part of the moderately difficult trail.

The most popular tracking event that the track owner holds is the grand Trail Network contest. The entire competition is divided into four major stages. In the first stage, you have to comprise a 23-km trail starting from Derby. Apparently, with a successive trailing on the 13-km trail, a 15-km trail and finally, the black dragon, the event ends.

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Location: Hamont Green Trail

City: Hamont Achel
Country: Belgium
Length of The Trail: 19 miles.
Highest Point: N/A
Trail Difficulty: Hard

What You Need to Know About Hamont Green Trail

Although there hadn't been so many bike riding trails in Belgium, Hamont Green Trail has managed to make its spot on our top 15 lists. It's a 19 miles tail, located in Hamont Belgium. The entire trail isn't that much longer in length, and therefore it takes almost 2 hours to complete the entire track.

But what made us interested in this trail is its hardness to ride. Although, its only of 19 miles in length, it's one of the hardest ones we've seen so far. So,mountain bikers who’re in love with challenging riding can give it a try. There is one more good news for riders on Hamont Green Trail. The trail is authorized for night-time riding. 

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Location: Bike Circus Saalbach Hinterglemm

City: Hinterglemm
Country: Austria
Length of The Trail: 250 miles.
Highest Point: N/A
Trail Difficulty: Hard

What You Need to Know About Bike Circus Saalbach Hinterglemm

One of Australia’s most attractive being tracks is the Bike Circus Saalbach Hinterglemm, located in Hinterglemm. In winter, the skiers and snowboarders are all around on the track, and mountain bikers rule it in the summer. No matter whatever the bike you chose, it will find it's way to the grand Bike Circus Saalbach Hinterglemm.

Throughout the track, you'll find numerous miles of cross-country trails, downhill and freeride trails and of course, a great lift access. It’s widely popular because it's great to lift that it serves to the riders on it. It will approximately take about three hours to complete the entire. With an elevation of 1000+ meters, the 250 miles long track is one of rider’s favorite in Australia.

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Ando's Trail

City: Adelaide
Country: South Australia
Length of The Trail: 1 miles.
Highest Point: N/A
Trail Difficulty: Moderate

What You Need to Know About Ando's Trail

Usually, winter isn’t the season that mountain bikers prefer to ride on a track. But this listing from Australia is something that’s a heaven on earth for winter fat biking. Also, a night riding facility had takenits appeal to us bike riders to next level.

It’s a 1 mile, or 2 km long trail located in South Australia. The Roads are on fire roads and the difficulty level is advanced. So, if you want to have a day out full of thrill and adventure, Ando's Trail would be a great choice. On average statistics, the track takes some more than 1 hour to complete.

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Ourimbah State Forest Trail

City: Tuggerah
Country: New South Wales
Length of The Trail: 6 miles
Highest Point: N/A
Trail Difficulty: Hard

What You Need to Know About Ourimbah State Forest Trail

Ourimbah State Forest Trail from NSW is an open challenge for all those challenge taker riders. The trail isn't that much longer in length but saturated with downhills, lifts and many more. All you have to do is to take 3 hours to complete all the challenges this beautiful terrain comes up with. Near the entrance of the adjacent forest, older and better DH and XC courses will enhance the thrill.

The trail has got a 6-mile runway with an elevation of 65 meters. The difficulty level is pretty advanced and it’s a loop-type train from a bird’s eye view.

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Location: Ansto Trail

City: Menai
Country: New South Wales
Length of The Trail: 50 miles
Highest Point: N/A
Trail Difficulty: Hard

What You Need to Know About Ansto Trail

Ansto is another of NSW's popular hiking tracks that are surrounded by Pristine Bushland. What daunts most about this tracking site is itsenormous collection of flora and fauna. Both runners and mountain bikers can have a wonderful experience riding alongthis 50-mile trail. AS it’s a wilderness trail, we would recommend you not to go riding on it in rainy seasons or in winter. The rocks and hard soils are pretty much slippery during these days.

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Location: Desce Curiango Sobe Gringo Trail

City: São Carlos
Country: Brazil
Length of The Trail: 28 miles
Highest Point: N/A
Trail Difficulty: Professional

What You Need to Know About Desce Curiango Sobe Gringo Trail

Desce Curiango Sobe Gringo Trail is one from out and back genre tracks, with a length of 28 miles. One serious advice I would like to give you before you go tracking this risky track in Brazil. AS the track is full of downsides and forest areas, don’t give it a try unless or until you are an expert.

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Location: Cemucam Trail

City: Cotia
Country: Brazil
Length of The Trail: 21 miles.
Highest Point: N/A
Trail Difficulty: Intermediate.

What You Need to Know About Cemucam Trail

What you need to know about Cemucam Trail is it’s a single track mountainous track, from Brazil. Throughout this 21-mile way of hilly terrains, you’ll find a number of roadside facilities. As one of Brazil’s reputed tracking association is in maintenance, they have arranged restrooms and drinking water facility in midst of the road. With an elevation of 805 meters, this loop-shaped track can be a real pleasure for bikers around South America.

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Location:Cancha Carrera Trail

City: Santiago
Country: Chile
Length of The Trail: 8 miles.
Highest Point: N/A
Trail Difficulty: Medium.

What You Need to Know About Cancha Carrera Trail

An ultimate combination of terrains, roads, trails, and landmarks is Chile's one of the most popular tracking spot- Cancha Carrera Trail. Once you get to ride this trail, you’ll be facilitated with multiple background option, along with a route guide. The authority who is in charge of the trail, would hello a lot to get the visible map of the entire area, along with local support. Therefore, being an 8 miles trail of medium hardship, Cancha Carrera Trail is one of rider’s favorite.

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Location: Tres Marias Trail

City: San Juan
Country: Argentina
Length of The Trail: 5 miles.
Highest Point: N/A
Trail Difficulty: hard

What You Need to Know About Tres Marias Trail

Although Tres Marias is more favorable to climbers and hikers because of the excellent claiming terrain of Mt. Tres, it has got a wonderful riding trail as well. These 5 miles-long trails from Argentina is not so hard to ride. But a wild flavor with challenging downfalls and up rides has increased its appeal to riders like us. It will require not more than 2-3 hours to complete the journey.

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Location: Rio Pinto Trail

City: La Cumbre, Cordoba Province
Country: Argentina
Length of The Trail: 50
Highest Point: N/A
Trail Difficulty: Hard

What You Need to Know About Rio Pinto Trail

Technically, About Rio Pinto Trail is the last listing of mountain biking locations, and this time, this is an Argentine long trail of 50 miles. As most of the Latin trails are good for 24-hour trekking, no wonder About Rio Pinto Trail one of Argentine’s favorite. Most of the way is jeep trails and unimproved roads. So, mountain bikers will have quite a hard time with the ride this location. However, if you'd give it a try, it would take 4-6 hours to complete the journey. 

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