Trailroc 255 vs Roclite 295: Which Is The Better One?

When it comes to the best trail blazers in the market right now, Innov-8's shoes are definitely among the top choices. This is why a comparison between the Trailroc 255 and the updated Roclite 295 is not only desirable but necessary, considering the never-ending debate on which shoe is better for the track. 

No doubt, there are many nice running shoes from Innov-8 (which makes this review even more important), and it would take more than a day to scale and break down. The Trailroc 255 and Roclite 295 are two of their most popular models and should be potential targets for you if you're looking to upgrade to something more "complete" for your trail runs.

The purpose of this piece is to highlight the upsides and downsides of both shoes and also compare and contrast between the two with the aim of choosing the better one.

Trailroc 255

Finding a shoe that sits over the edge between the world of minimalism and extremity can be a bit overwhelming for runners who are looking to get on a trail for the first time.

It’s may even require more hard work and precision than shooting a crap if you’re operating on a limited budget. And for many of us, the “search and switch” is endless, as we continue to comb through shoes designs, looking for that neutral model that can tackle any terrain while making sure our feet is well protected.

The Trailroc 255 is without doubts one of the most protective neutral trainers from Innov-8 so far.

The trainer comes with the highest shock rating in the Trailroc line-up which ensures it all the cushioning you need to tackle rugged and eroded terrains. While it may not be the best trainer for every type of surface, it is one of the top choices for running "dry and long" trails due to the level of protection it offers.


  • Dries very quickly
  • Lightweight
  • Great traction (grip) on various surfaces
  • Offers great comfort


  • Sizing is a bit narrow
  • Toe area may fray

Roclite 295

Even if you're not a fashion "freak", picking the right pair of shoes for any occasion is not only desirable, but also necessary. While there are many options to choose from when going to the woods or hills, nothing beats the idea of a nice pair of running shoes specifically designed for the countryside or open air.

If you're a man and you desire a great shoe wear with the best quality and design specifically adapted for running, then you may want to consider Innov-8 Roclite 295.

And just like the name indicates, this is another high performing trail running shoe you may want to cash on for your next trail adventure.


  • Enhanced flexibility
  • Constant protection from debris and moisture
  • Great support and cushioning
  • Offers great breathability and ventilation
  • thumbs-o-up
    Provides extreme traction


  • Shoe is a bit expensive
  • May wear off too soon
  • thumbs-o-down
    Sizing may be a problem

Trailroc 255 vs Roclite 295


The first thing you will notice between both trainers is that the Roclite 295 comes with a lighter weight. While the old version weighed only 10.5 ounces, the new one ways 9.7, which makes it more attractive for fast runners.

The weight reduction was achieved by using a much lighter mesh upper and lacing system in the new model while a thinner material was used for the overlay. Less material was also used in the protective rand. All these combined to give the Roclite 295 a lighter weight.

Sole Construction

On the sole construction, the Roclite 295 has a lower heel and height than the Trailroc 255. The new Roclite model has a dimension of 17 millimetres at the heel and 10 millimetres at the forefront which is lesser than the 21 millimetres and 12 millimetres of its predecessor.

It should be noted that the above iteration doesn't really affect the protective capacity of the shoe. However, it makes the new model much flexier than its competitor.

Perhaps, the Trairoc 255 comes with a shank that extends throughout its front while the shank of the new Roclite model only goes halfway up the sole. As a result, you can easily twist the Roclite 295 but not the Trailroc 255.

Fit and Sizing

The fit is perhaps the biggest difference between the Rocklite 295 and the Trailroc 255. While Innov-8 uses "Endurance" for its Rocklite models, “Natural Last" is used for the Trailrocs.

The major difference between both systems is that the "Natural Last" provides a tighter option; though both provide enough spreading space for the toes.

While the lug system of the Trailroc 255 is lower and safer, they are less unstable than the Roclite 295, though the latter has a less sticky rubber.


In terms of the uppers, it looks like the Trailroc 255 uses materials with higher qualities than the Roclite 295. The protective rand of the former feels much softer and flexy and tends to offer more protection. This is why the Trailroc 255 is generally recommended for "dry and loose" trails. And even though it may run well on varied surfaces, the Roclite 295 is generally believed to do better in wet and muddy conditions.


On the whole, both the Roclite 295 and Trailroc 255 could easily pass as neutral trail running shoes with great cushioning capacities suitable for both neutral runners and even those with pronators.

With that said, while the Roclite 295 features a lot of upgrades, the Trailroc 255 offers a more protective option and will make a better choice - if what you're looking for is support and protection for your feet.

However, the latter provides a lighter option and obviously more for a softer running experience. It comes with a simple design that provides a high level of cushioning for enhanced comfort and confidence for runners while in motion.

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